Filastine – Quemalo Ya Riddim – Maga Bo Remix feat. Wa BMG 44

Hot Sur le Spot feat. Wa BMG 44 (Maga Bo reMix) (Quemalo Ya Riddim) – Filastine by magabo

Recorded and remixed in Dakar, Senegal a few years ago, this has been languishing in my digital drawer for too long….here it is for free download.  As with many tracks, this was recorded not knowing exactly what it was for, where it would come out or whatever – we just knew that it needed to be done.  Filastine originally made this riddim at my house in Rio de Janeiro and we thought that maybe it would become a Sonar Calibrado track.  We recorded Mr. Catra on this riddim, but it didn’t work how we wanted, so it sat for a while and eventually he recorded with Ras Mario and Timedo Flow in Cuba, which came out on Burn It.  Around the same time, I recorded this version with Wa BMG 44, which later was included on the sound track for the film Bul Deccone, but never released.  Here it is – free download – play it out loud!




Wa BMG 44 with Maga Bo

They’ve since disbanded….the last time I met Manu was in Brussels, where he’d just moved.  Fatim is still around doing her thing in Dakar.  Matador came out with a solo album in 2007 and is still going strong.