Filastine and Maga Bo Australia Tour 2009

We are on tour in Australia.  Currently in Melbourne and it’s cold!  I hadn’t expected this…especially after hot and sunny Sydney in the first few days.  The fine folks at Uberlingua have organized a tour with gigs at festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and the Peats Ridge festival earlier this week.  Info on the European tour coming soon!

Digitaldubs in Mexico

This just in from the digisphere:

Digitaldubs Sound System on Tour in Mexico

Digitaldubs on Tour in Mexico

Hoje, o Digitaldubs embarca para o México com o cantor Dada Yute, para a segunda turnê internacional do sound system!


01 Nov. Tijuana – RAZTLAN FESTIVAL
02 Nov. Mexico city – RAZTLAN FESTIVAL
13 Nov. San Luis Potosi – BOVEDAS
15 Nov. San Cristobal, Chiapas -
21 Nov. Playa del Carmen – ZION CLUB
22 Nov. Tulum – AH KIN BEACH CLUB
28 Nov. Mexico city – ROOTICAL SESSIONS
29 Nov. Ciudad Neza – ROOTICAL SESSIONS

mais novidades pelo site:


They also have a new record out with a whole load of MCs all on the Funk Milk Riddim.  Música da melhor qualidade.  ;-)

Funk Milk Riddim - Digitaldubs Sound System

Funk Milk Riddim - Digitaldubs Sound System

África Digital feat. Funk Buia (Funk Milk Riddim) – Digitaldubs

Salve aos Mestres feat. Jeru Bantu (Funk Milk Riddim) – Digitaldubs

Maga Bo North America Tour Dates

March 29, Six Degrees Records Showcase, Opium Garden, Winter Music Conference, Miami, FL
March 31, Beat Research, Enormous Room, Boston, MA
April 1, NuBlu, New York City, NY
April 2, WMFU 91.1 NYC with DJ /rupture 7-8 pm
April 3, Sutra Lounge, New York City, NY
April 4, Baile MTL, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
April 5, Eighteenth Street Lounge, Washington DC
April 8, KEXP 90.3, WoPop with Darek Mazzone
April 8, Nectar, Seattle, WA
April 11, Tormenta Tropical, Tehama 58, San Francisco, CA
April 12, The Walnut Room, Denver, CO

And, here are some flyers……

The Netherlands

When flying from Rio de Janeiro to Lisboa, you fly really close to Africa and even directly pass over Cabo Verde. Seemed like I could even see some lights out on the coast of what I figured would have been the Western Sahara. Anyway, it was nice to imagine that I could.
My first gig was at WORM in Rotterdam with CX Kidtronik scene below with Soop (sp?) (arms crossed) and their fellow, recently arrived in the Netherlands (as of a couple hours), MC whose name I don’t know, looking on. I especially liked their track the was composed solely using words banned on american network television. Sounded like NYC transplanted to Rotterdam for a hot minute.
That was the Krack Attack, while last night was the Kraak & Smaak night in Tilburg. Tomorrow off to Berlin and for now, I’m in Amsterdam, here:
I’m playing with Filastine and Mad professor at the Clandestino Festival in Goteborg, Sweden on June 7: