Cape Town DJ chronicles

Greetings from Cape Town!

View of the 12 Apostles from Lion’s Head, Cape Town, South Africa.

I almost wasn’t even gonna post anything from here……I had arrived and everything happened so damn fast…..gigs here and there and lots of people and shiny cars and nice roads and stocked supermarkets and everything seems brand new and safe and easy and how is this place any different than any other run of the mill industrialized shopping mall in the rest of the world? Kind of didn’t really even seem news worthy some how. I then I was gonna leave……

Well, some time has passed and I’m still more or less within this bubble here in Cape Town, but slowly connecting with rappers and DJs and producers. It’s all very slow going….as per usual in any given city in the world. I finally kind of realized that I’m doing just what I do anywhere else in the world (or in life) and this isn’t just a quick in and out DJ set, but a mission with all of its normal associated ups and downs and ins and outs and trials and tribulations. So, I did what any sane music producer in my position would do. I extended my ticket.

So, I have a bit more time to hook shit up. It takes a long time, ya know……show up in a strange city and go out and introduce yourself to random people and eventually make connections with people and collaborate to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

I will get to some of the production oriented “bits and pieces,” as they say here, in the next days. But, for now, a quick recap of the DJ gigs…….The 2 big gigs were the Origin Festival in Worcester and Fiction Bar in Cape Town, then a smattering of smaller gigs at the waiting room, another at Mystic Boer (that’s a conundrum right there!) and another in Johannesburg at the Tokyo Bar.

Tokyo Bar, Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tokyo Bar was probably the most interesting. We got booked at the wrong night/wrong venue/wrong time! It was packed at least until….well, I’ll tell that in a minute.

Fletcher on the 1′s and 2′s at Tokyo Bar, Johannesburg.

Mostly punk rockers with freshy fresh mohawks and goth indie rockers and new wave peoples. Pretty much all white (except for the staff). At least they didn’t make requests and shit like that…….anyway, they did drink sickening quantities of alcohol and fight. Apparently, they fought big time. Don’t actually know what happened (I was DJing at the time), but all of a sudden people starting leaving the dance floor. Eventually, I noticed that people were covering their noses and mouths and a white colored gas was invading the dance floor. Then I started sneezing and couhging and couldn’t keep my eyes open. The fight outside had involved tear gas and it was being blown into the bar from outside. I struggled to put on a CD and still breath and then took off outside, feeling a little worried about my gear – there was NOBODY inside. Anyway, eventually, the tear gas cleared and I went back and resumed my duties. never quite got rolling again……funny that.

The best gig so far was at the Mystic Boer in Stellenbosch. Again, a SUPER drunken crowd, but appreciative non the less. The reason it was so good was the presence of Teba who just showed up. My ride came to pick me up to take me to the venue and he was in the car, saying that he didn’t want to bother me and figured that he’d just show up and check things out. When we got to the venue, we discovered that they didn’t have a microphone, so I begged and pleaded for them to find when, get one, borrow one, steal one whatever, but it had to be done. and it happened. so, Teba was my MC for the evening and it was off the chain. Really really good stuff. Look out for some Maga Bo/Teba collabs in the near future…….

Teba and Maga Bo at the Mystic Boer, Stellenbosch, South Africa