December 18, LIVE debut – Maga Bo e o Quilombo do Futuro feat. Russo Passapusso and Robertinho Barreto (BaianaSystem) and Rosângela Macedo, SESC Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Europe Fall Tour
November 9, Imported Go(o)ds, Puzzle, Wroclaw, Poland
November 10, Global CPH, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 16, Global Player/Funkhaus Europa, Club Bahnhof, Cologne, Germany
November 17, Big Up/Funkhaus Europa, Gretchen Club, Berlin, Germany
November 18, Pulgas Mix, Barcelona
November 22, Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain
November 23, Proyecto Híbrido, Telenoika, Barcelona, Spain
November 24, OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 1, Novi Sad, Serbia

October 26, Futurafrica, Santos, São Paulo, Brasil

Europe Summer Tour
July 19, Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium
July 20, Camden Lock, London, England, UK
July 21, Millau Jazz Festival, Millau, France
July 27, WOMAD UK, Charlton Park, England, UK
July 28, Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden

North America Summer Tour
August 3, World Up, New York City, USA
August 4, FEx, Chicago, USA
August 11, Braza!, San Francisco, USA
August 12, Dub Mission, San Francisco, USA
August 16, Mil Amores Mezclaría, Mexico City, Mexico
August 17, Festival Diaspora Sonora, Toluca, Mexico
August 18, United Basslines, Guadalajara, Mexico
August 25, Picó Picante/Spectacle, Boston, USA
August 26, Fire on the Water, Toronto, Canada
August 29, Barboza, Seattle, USA
August 30, Holocene, Portland, USA
September 1, Vancouver, Canada
September 2, Vancouver, Canada

June 16, Radio Roquette com participação do Sando Lustosa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 2, Quilombo do Futuro Release, Paralelepípedo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

February 20, Rio Sound System Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


January 18, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 11, NYC, NY, USA

Morocco Beyond Digital Residency – June

June 15, Florence, Italy
June 24, Casablanca, Morocco

Europe Tour Summer

July 3, Fusion Festival, Germany
July 6, Barcelona, Spain

India Tour Fall

October 14, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
October 15, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
October 19, Blue Frog, Mumbai, India

Europe Tour Fall

November 10, Brussels, Belgium
November 11, Bonn, Germany
November 12, Bonn, Germany
November 18, Cologne, Germany
November 19, Paris, France
November 24, Barcelona, Spain
November 25, Helsinki, Finland
November 26, St. Petersburg, Russia


Europe Tour Winter

January 8, Rotterdam, Netherlands
January 9, Essen, Germany
January 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 15, Lisbon, Portugal

March Ethiopia Residency

March 19, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
March 20, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
March 26, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

June 11, São Paulo, Brazil
June 12, Santos, Brazil
June 13, Santos, Brazil

Europe Tour Summer

June 19, Mundial Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands
July 2, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
July 3, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
July 8, Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 9, Brussels, Belgium
July 10, Pohoda Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
July 12, Besançon, France
July 16, Cologne, Germany
July 21, Njimegen, Netherlands
July 23, Paris, France
July 24, Barcelona, Spain
July 30, Sfinks Festival, Belgium
August 6, Barcelona, Spain
August 13, Hutenpop Festival, Netherlands
August 17, San Sebastian, Spain

October 1, São Paulo, Brazil

India Tour Fall

October 22, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
October 23, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
October 29, New Delhi, India
October 30, Chandigarh, India

November 13, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

North America Tour Fall

December 10, Brulington, VT, USA
December 13, NYC, NY, USA
December 17, Philadelphia, PA, USA
December 19, San Francisco, CA, USA
December 29, Chicago, IL, USA
December 30, Chicago, IL, USA
December 31, Chicago, IL, USA


Australia Tour 2009

December 29, 2008, Peats Ridge Festival, Australia
December 30, 2008, Peats Ridge Festival, Australia
January 2, Melbourne, Australia
January 9, Newcastle, Australia
January 10, Sydney Festival, Australia
January 14, Brisbane, Australia
January 15, Byron Bay, Australia
January 16, Melbourne, Australia
January 17, Sydney Festival, Australia

Europe Tour Winter 2009

January 23, Club Transmediale Festival, Berlin, Germany
January 24, Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 28, Rotterdam, Netherlands
January 29, Paris, France
January 30, Paris, France
February 4, London, UK
February 5, London, UK
February 6, Fabric, London, UK
February 7, Porto, Portugal
February 10, Barcelona, Spain

Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago -February – March – production/recording/research

April 23, Goiania, Brazil
April 24, Brasilia, Brazil
April 27, Brasilia, Brazil
May 8, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

North America Tour with Issa Bagayogo

July 16, Skirball Center, LA, CA, USA
July 18, Grass Valley, CA, USA
July 19, Grass Valley, CA, USA
July 21, Lincoln Center, NY, USA
July 23, Millenium Park, Chicago, IL, USA
July 25, Seattle, WA, USA
July 29, Portland Zoo, Portland, OR, USA
August 5, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA, USA
August 6, Pike’s Peak, CO, USA
August 7, Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Canada
August 8, Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Canada

North America Tour Summer

August 21, NY Tropical, NYC, NY, USA
August 27, Los Angeles, CA, USA
August 28, San Diego, CA, USA
August 29, San Francisco, CA, USA
August 30, San Francisco, CA, USA
August 31, Boston, MA, USA
September 4, NYC, NY, USA

September 13, Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
September 18, São Paulo, Brazil
September 19, Sorocaba, Brazil
October 15, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 16, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Europe Tour 2009

October 23, Nuremberg, Germany
October 25, Hamburg, Germany
October 30, Official showcase, WOMEX, Copenhagen, Denmark
October 31, Brazil Mix Showcase, Rust, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 4, Gottingen, Germany
November 5, Augsburg, Germany
November 6, Zurich, Switzerland
November 13, Geneva, Switzerland
November 14, Cologne, Germany
November 17, Barcelona, Spain
November 20, Barcelona, Spain
November 21, Amsterdam, Netherlands


May 10, Clandestino, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 6, New York Tropical, Glaslands, Brooklyn, New York City, NY, USA
June 20, Turntables on the Hudson, Queens, New York City, NY, USA
Sept. 26, New Forms Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

North America Tour Spring 2008

March 29, Six Degrees Records Showcase, Opium Garden, Winter Music Conference, Miami, FL.
March 31, Beat Research, Enormous Room, Boston, MA with Chief Boima.
April 1, NuBlu, New York City, NY.
April 2, WFMU 91.1 FM with DJ /rupture.
April 4, Baile MTL 2-Year Anniversary, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
April 5, Eighteenth Street Lounge, Washington DC.
April 8, KEXP 90.3 WoPop with Darek Mazzone.
April 8, Nectar, Seattle, WA.
April 10, Astoria, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
April 11, Tehama 58, San Francisco, CA with Bersa Discos (DJ Shawn and Oro11), Sabo and Lemonade.
April 12, The Walnut Room, Denver, CO.


strong>Cape Town, South Africa, December, 2007 – production/recording/research
December 8, The Waiting Room, Cape Town, South Africa
December 9, Fiction, Cape Town, South Africa

Ethiopia, November/December, 2007 – production/recording/research

Maga Bo – North America Tour Fall 2007

October 4 Mehanata, New York City, NY, USA
October 5 Fiesta Soot at The Bowery Poetry Club, New York City, NY, USA
October 6 Pop Montreal at Coda Club, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 9 Bouncement at Sonotheque, Chicago, IL, USA
October 11 Baltic Room, Seattle, WA, USA
October 12 Madrone Lounge, San Francisco, CA, USA
October 13 Atlas at Holocene, Portland, OR, USA
October 15 Beat Research, Boston, MA, USA

Senegal, August, 2007
July 24 – August 15, Ziguinchor, Bignona, Baila and Dakar, Senegal. production/recording/research trip.

Maga Bo Europe Tour Summer 2007
June 1 WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands
June 2 Loos, Tilburg, Netherlands
June 7 Clandestino Festival, Goteburg, Sweden
June 9 Urbarritmo, Zaragoza, Spain
June 13 ReBoot, Barcelona, Spain
June 19 Festival Theater Formen, Hannover, Germany
June 21 Pollen, Leeds, UK
June 22 c_90, Sheffield, UK
June 23 Heatwave, London, UK
June 27 Bab Kubwa, Manchester, UK
June 29 Rebel Up!, OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 30 Belgian Overkill, Ghent, Belgium
July 4 Barracuda Bar, Cologne, Germany
July 6 Nurotic Soundsystem, Zentralcafé K4, Nuremberg, Germany
July 7 Fat Kat Disko, Dresden, Germany
July 9 Dub Club, Flex Cafe, Vienna, Austria
July 11 Café Leopold, Vienna, Austria
July 13 Black Belt Boogie, Leipzig, Germany
July 14 Mantua Festival, Roscommon, Ireland
July 17 Brazelona Sessions, Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain
July 19 El Perro Club, Madrid, Spain
July 20 Plano B, Porto, Portugal
July 21 Music Box, Lisboa, Portuga
August 16 Kubik, Lisboa, Portugal

Maga Bo – South Africa Tour 2007
Jan. 31, Waiting Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Feb. 3, Origin Festival, Worcester, South Africa
Feb. 7, Waiting Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Feb. 8, Tokyo Star Bar, Johannesburg, South Africa
Feb. 9, Mystic Boer, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Feb. 10, “Sometimes They Come Back,” Fiction Bar, Cape Town, South Africa
Mar. 3, NightVision Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

Maga Bo – North America Tour 2007
Dec. 29, 2006, Baile MTL, Zoobizarre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dec. 31, 2006, New Year’s Eve, Sante Fe, NM, USA
Jan. 5, Soot Records Release Party – Confusion of Tongues – subTonic, New York City, NY, USA
Jan. 6, World Up! Mixtape Release Party, Winston Unity Center, New York City, NY, USA
Jan. 8, Soot Records Release Party – Confusion of Tongues – Experimental Beat Research at the Enormous Room, Boston, MA, USA
Jan. 9, APT, New York City, NY, USA
Jan. 12, Stateless, Six Degrees Emerging Artists Series, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA, USA
Jan. 13, Atlas at Holocene, Portland, OR, USA


Guyana – December – production/recording/research trip.

Sept. 22, Repente Eletrônico, Espirito Santa, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sept. 9, Night of the Living Dread, Fiction Bar, Cape Town, South Africa

Zanzibar, Tanzania, June – September, 2006 – production/recording/research
July 8, Kendwa Rocks, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Maga Bo – Europe Tour April – May 2006
March 25, Outro Lado, Guanabara Café, London, UK
March 28, Brazelona, Side Car, Barçelona, Spain
March 30, On-Air at Radio Riereta, Barçelona
March 31, Electro 2m6, Reset, Zaragoza, Spain
April 1,Bêbado, Favela, Glasgow, UK
April 6, OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 7, Saideira, Crazy Cat Club, Hamburg, Germany
April 8, WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 20, Rising South, Napoli, Italy
April 21, Monastero, Bologna, Italy
April 27, Tapas & Vino, Tallinn, Estonia
April 28, Bassikultuur, Von Krahl, Tallinn, Estonia
April 30, Estado Liquido, Lisbon, Portugal
May 5, ADN, Setúbal, Portugal


Maga Bo – Europe Tour November – December 2005
Nov. 25, Online Radio Show, 9pm, Rostock, Germany
Nov. 25, MS Stubniz, Rostock, Germany
Nov. 26, Guanabara Café, London, UK
Nov. 30, Das Bett, Frankfurt, Germany
Dec. 1, Club Wettburo, Dresden, Germany
Dec. 2, Calamari Moon, Hannover, Germany
Dec. 3, Bêbado, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Dec. 5, De.Lite, Cologne, Germany
Dec. 7, Estado Liquido, Lisbon, Portugal
Dec. 8, Jamaica, Lisbon, Portugal
Dec. 9, Olária, Aveiro, Portugal
Dec. 10, Bazaar, Porto, Portugal
Dec. 12, Mexe, Lisbon, Porugal
Dec. 13, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Dec. 15, WORM, Rotterdam, Holland
Dec. 16, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy
Dec. 17, Mahagoni Bar, Augsburg, Germany

November 5, Hipersônica 2005 Festival, Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo, Brazil
October 14, Plano B, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maga Bo – Europe Tour July 2005
July 15, Lovelite, Berlin, Germany
July 16, Greifswald, Germany
July 17, Live on-air, Twen FM 104,1, Berlin, Germany
July 18, Live on-air, Vinyl Vibes on
July 19, Rostock, Germany
July 21, Estado Liquido, Lisbon, Portugal
July 22, Festival Tejo, Azambuja, Portugal
July 23, Festival Tejo, Azambuja, Portugal
July 24, Noobai, Lisbon, Portugal
July 25, Mexe, Lisbon, Portugal
July 26, Souk, Lisbon, Portugal

Morocco – June – July 2005 – production/recording/research

Senegal April – May, 2005 – production/recording/research

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