Maga Bo Europe Tour Summer 2007

Gigs booked, tickets bought, bags (almost) packed….I’ll be on tour in Europe this summer. Here’s the flyer for the first gig in Rotterdam….

June 1 WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands with CX Kidtronix, Eats Tapes
June 2 Loos, Tilburg, Netherlands with Kraak & Smaak
June 7 Clandestino Festival, Goteburg, Sweden with Filastine and Mad Professor
June 9 Zaragoza, Spain
June 13 ReBoot, Barcelona, Spain with the special participation of BNeg√£o!
June 19 Festival Theater Formen, Hannover, Germany with Afroreggae Theater
June 21 Pollen, Leeds, UK with Headcleaner
June 22 c_90, Sheffield, UK with Heatwave DJs and Dub Boy
June 23 Heatwave, London, UK (tbc)
June 27 Bab Kubwa, Manchester, UK
June 29 Rebel Up!, OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 30 Belgian Overkill, Ghent, Belgium
July 6 Nurotic Soundsystem, Zentralcafé K4, Nuremberg, Germany
July 7 Fat Kat Disko, Dresden, Germany with Barrio Katz
July 9 Dub Club, Flex Cafe, Vienna
July 13 Black Belt Boogie, Leipzig, Germany
July 14 Mantua Festival, Roscommon, Ireland with Digital Mystikz, DJ C and more
July 17 Brazelona Sessions, Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain
July 20 Plano B, Porto, Portugal
July 21 Music Box, Lisboa, Portugal with Mike Stellar

2 thoughts on “Maga Bo Europe Tour Summer 2007

  1. Hi Bo,

    Maybe we can catch up in Belgium: I’m here off and on till July 9 (work-holiday). Planning to go to in Brussels (first weekend of July).



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