Reggaeton Blubber from Nepal

Got this from a friend who went to Nepal and bought a bunch of pirated mp3 CDs on the street in Katmandu.

I’m totally not sure what to make of this. One of the strangest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. If anybody can understand what’s going on here, please let me know!

Is he drunk? Did his child die? Did he lose a game of backgammon? Is he just hysterically excited and can’t quite deal? I sure don’t know…….I don’t know who it is, the track title or the artist. Sorry!

BTW, I haven’t forgotten about this Vice mag thing……..

12 thoughts on “Reggaeton Blubber from Nepal

  1. Wow, sure leaves no stone unturned… This is pretty upsetting. The beat is sufficiently blank to keep the mood ambiguous. But hey, it’s probably better that way.

    It reminded me of this track off the “colors music: Rio Funk” compilation, which uses the sound of babies crying as a percussive element, and has the monotone reggaeton/baile vocal performed by a minor. Much more upbeat production-wise, but upsettingly so – who wants to flex while babies wail? [hear for yourself Chupetinha.mp3 - 2.64MB]


  2. Hey vamanos – you’re right! That is it. Somehow (at least to my ears), it’s way fucking stranger in Nepalese than in English. I started imagining the worst! as in psycho schitzo type shit…..

    Joe – it is similar to the Cupetinha track…in a way. I hadn’t heard that track before. In the lyrics they are talking about a baby crying like crazy when it has an empty stomach and wants the pacifier. “Suck it, stop crying…” What’s really freaked out is that the main vocalist sounds like she is just barely old enough to even have a baby. Then I imagine this being played at a baile. Probably not the biggest floor filler, but judging by the average age at an average baile, people can identify with it. this is definitely “keeping it real.” ;-) Maybe everybody wants to flex even if their babies are wailing. or *especially* if their babies are crying……..

  3. yiihhhhaaaa
    thanks lot for posting such weird music…me very curious about those cd’s your friend bring from Nepal…Could it be possible for you to make one post selecting some tracks ??? this would be fantastic

    gaspare/cartilage records

  4. thanks for all the comments. Yep, psycho chacarron or nepalese papa san….take your pick.

    I hear your request for more nepalese stuff. For me, that was the gem in the stack. None of it was labeled. Came off a CD with no label other than nepalese reggae or something like that…maybe I’ll get another track or two up one of these days….anyway, your request has been registered! :-)

  5. maga bo,
    It’s actually a comedy/parody song by a nepali singer – prakash poudel.

    It’s about a teenager telling his mom that he can’t live without this girl that he likes and she’s the only one he can live with..

    Not sure if the beats and the music is based on some other song, but there you go..

    There’s a actually a music video for the song on youtube..

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