Fala Português (Maga Bo Remix) – Blick Bassy feat. Lenine

Fala Português (Maga Bo Remix) – Blick Bassy feat. Lenine by MAGA BO

Blick asked me for samba, so I gave him samba……Released as a promo single by World Connection.  Percussion by my homie João Hermeto.  Recorded and mixed at Comando Digital, Rio de Janeiro 2011.

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About maga bo

Maga Bo is a DJ/producer working with an international collision of styles, sounds, location recordings from all continents and beats that have yet to be classified. A study in the digital contortions of hip hop, ragga, breakbeat and jungle drum n bass, his sound is a divine (s)mashup of batucada, rai, capoeira, bhangra, and skewed electronic beats in a borderless conundrum of gritty street sounds, found and modified rhythms and melodies from Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, India and beyond. DJing and producing tracks with a portable laptop studio, he has worked and performed in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

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