Percussion Loops Recorded in Casablanca – Beyond Digital

Far from being an exhaustive collection of Moroccan percussion loops, this is a small sampling of loops culled from my sessions at the Beyond Digital HQ in Casablanca with Krifart from the local band, Darga.

There is chaâbi, reggada and some hybrid rhythms. Bendir, calabash, darabuka kraqeb and taarija. Some are solid grooves or variations on grooves, some include fills or pickups.

Everything was recorded into Ableton Live using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface and an AKG 414 microphone. Not exactly a killer room with great pres and whatever, but we do what we can.

The names include the bpm – in 4/4 – some of these rhythms are in 6/8, but, here the bpms reflect the tempo on a 4/4 grid. The loops are dual mono, 16 bit, 44.1 khz and include the respective .asd Ableton Live files. 34MB

Performed by Krifart. Recorded by Maga Bo. Edited by Colin McSwiggen.

Please use these freely and abundantly. If you do release it somehow, please credit us and let us hear what you did!

Download it here.

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About maga bo

Maga Bo is a DJ/producer working with an international collision of styles, sounds, location recordings from all continents and beats that have yet to be classified. A study in the digital contortions of hip hop, ragga, breakbeat and jungle drum n bass, his sound is a divine (s)mashup of batucada, rai, capoeira, bhangra, and skewed electronic beats in a borderless conundrum of gritty street sounds, found and modified rhythms and melodies from Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, India and beyond. DJing and producing tracks with a portable laptop studio, he has worked and performed in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

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