Brooklyn Anthem

Hello again after a long absence…..I’ve been off touring in the US of A. This post today is inspired by an email from my man Shadetek from Brooklyn……

Check out their new video for the “Brooklyn Anthem feat. Jahdan and 77Clash.”

I met Jahdan and 77Clash totally by coincidence while playing with Sujinho and Cassiano at the I Love Baile Funk party at APT in Manhattan. Just doin’ my thing, I dropped “Brooklyn Anthem” (’cause I just love that track!!) and some guy starts yelling at me, “Yo! Yo!” I’m like, “Oh, you like this track? Cool.” and keep doing my thing. He keeps yelling at me, but from inside the DJ booth, I couldn’t really hear what he was trying to say. Eventually, he comes all the way around and grabs my arm wanting to know how I know that track. He said, “That’s my track! How do you know that?” So, that’s how I met 77Clash and Jahdan. Jahdan was all happy ’cause I had a shirt that said Guyana on it – that’s where he’s from.

That’s me, Jahdan, 77Clash and Cassiano in the background after my set at I Love Baile Funk at APT in NYC.

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