Cancelled Recordings and Flights

Feeling a little frayed at the edges…….I just spent the morning dealing with getting myself back to Rio. Varig cancelled my return from Johannesburg to São Paulo and offered me a flight from Frankfurt, Germany instead. Oh yeah, just jump on the subway – JoBurg – Frankfurt line…..I got a flight – for $700. Varig says they “can’t guarantee any compensation.” Hmmmm. thanks.

Well, where was I? I posted a whole load of posts that had been gathering on my desktop and shooed them away like in one fell swoop. Then, life goes on and there are other things to take our attention.

The view from the “studio” at Dhow Countries Music Academy

This is Mohammed Othman on violin.
Had to go back to the music academy again to overdub some stuff. The violin guy wanted to add a second violin and we also wanted to get Mahsinn on tabla, Ibrahim on oud cause he kept somehow sidestepping the whole recording thing, even though it was his initial idea, Adel wanted to redo his bass track and I wanted to get another vocal take. Mahsinn didn’t show up. I passed ibrahim on his way out saying that sometimes things just don’t work out cryptically and taking off. Adel said he could only do it another day when he had his bass. The singer was no where to be found (is there a theme going on here?).

So, matona, the trooper, did Ibrahim’s ud track, his own cello track again and then cello on 3 tracks of mine.

Later, Hilde called to come and have a drink with her and Matona and a guest who had come from Cairo. It was nice to hang out with them a bit. Matona launched off on a hundred stories from his time as a beer drinking university student in France, musicians in Zanzibar and how they can’t be trusted for anything and I don’t know what else.

Today, I went to Akhenaton to record, but Muda Criss didn’t show up and I had forgotten my m box. I could have waited and worked a little, it just didn’t seem to be right, so I came bck to town and dealt with email and cleaning up my hard drive a bit.
At 5, I had an appointment with matona to record his quartet at Monsoon where they usually play on the weekends. everything worked out well. We tracked 4 songs. Basic stereo recording. stereo mic straight to my maudio flash card recorder. Adel was supposed to come over and do the bass track afterwards, but he said tomorrow……

Got the recording back home to the computer, mastered it and made a CD. Tonight I’ll give it to matona and see if I can post something from it. here are a couple fotos.

Looks like I’m going to Cape Town to do a gig with Fletcher from African Dope Records. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll have to leave here a bit earlier than planned, but it’s for good reason. I’m a huge fan of the African Dope sound. Dub ragga hip hop kwaito and other little bits of this and that get in there. somehow, it really sounds like it’s from SA. Not sure how to explain that. Obviously, it IS from there, but it has a kind of organic real human attachment to SA. If you don’t know them, you should check it out.

One thought on “Cancelled Recordings and Flights

  1. Mmm, would love to hear your recorded sessions at Monsoon, some delectable memories there. And can’t wait to hear bout the kwaito sonicscapes in Cape Town. Think I’ll make a longer stopover there on my way to South America next time.

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