Safar Recording Session

Finally made the Safar recording. Of course, nothing was exactly what was expected. Excel was there to help and to run logic (which I don’t know at all). we combined my equipment with the schools gear and managed to rig up an 8 channel multitrack system. the room was a bare concrete rectangular room (with nice views out over the harbor if you opened the windows) surrounded by wooden slat doors that gave out onto the harbor and the huge machinery apparatus that was moving earth right on the road in front of the academy. Pretty damn not-ideal setup, but it’s what we had to work with.

Eventually, there were 7 musicians: cello (Matona), violin, congas, tabla/darabouka, qanun, electric fretless bass (adel) and vocal. We moved onto the 2nd track which went down really well. At the end, Logic frooze and we had to force shutdown to get out of it. On restart, we tried to listen to it to determine whether to do a second take of either of the tunes. Logic kept crashing. it would only partially show the wave form but it would play the audio or there would be static. Seemed like corrupt file ville. they decided to redo the first tune. logic worked normally throughout until the end when it was stopped, it froze again. Again it would freeze when the track was played. I tried copying the audio files to my ipod. it would start to copy and then freeze up.

at home, the first song which I was able to copy sounded great when i messed with it in pro tools. should be cool. I hope we can get those other files from the laptop…….

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