Maga Bo – Beyond Digital Mix

This is a mix I did as for Automation Records for their donation to our Beyond Digital project back in June.  File under heavy, hard, experimental, electronic with nasty bits of noise and many different languages, but, oh! then there’s a mellow moment (must be El Remolon!)…..and so on.  a few exclusive tracks too.  Feel free to blog and distribute freely.  Big, big, BIG UP to Jeremiah from Automation Records for his donations not only to Beyond Digital, but also to Quilombo do Futuro!!

Beyond Digital for Automation Records Mix

1.  Automation – DJ Sobrino
2.  Track 5 – Unknown Artist
3.  Killer Sound (Heavy Feet Remix) – Zinc
4.  Kuduro Caliente – Prophex
5.  Monolith – Migrant
6.  Rub-A-Dub Bounce – DJ Flack
7.  Atoanagaroa – Rodrigo Brandão
8.  Gwababa (schlachthof Bronx Remix) – Spoek Mathambo
9.  Bhangra Dance (Zeder Remix) – Zombies for Money
10.  Eloy vs. Mbz – Villa Diamante
11.  Aonde está Meu Outro Par de Sandalia Havaiana – DuSouto
12.  Mikono Kweney Hewa – Muthoni the Drummer Queen
13. Samborigeno (Maga Bo Remix feat. Funkero) – DJ Farrapo
14.  Ransom (Fletcher’s Deepest Darkest Dub) – Maga Bo
15.  Red Skin Girl (ATCR Remix) – A Tribe Called Red
16.  Black History Month – Saul Williams
17.  Coragem – Unknown Artist
18.  Skunky – Kanka
19.  samba reggae break
20.  Bills – Bird Peterson
21.  El Mudo (Santos Tijuanero Remix) – unknown artist
22.  Nwampfundla – Tshesha Boys
23.  Amen Break
24.  Rumbling Cork Screw – Otto Van Schirach
25.  Systema Fobica (Ubaranamaralina) – BaianaSystem
26.  Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk – Anthony B Meets Subatomic Sound System
27.  NYC-2-Africa Dubstrumental – Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax
28.  La Cola Lex – El Remolon
29.  Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Remix) – Math Head
30.  First Anal – Fury Project
31.  Ta Violento – Javier Estrada & Boogat
32.  El Cuco – Nerd Rage & Sluggo
33.  The Beach Era (DJEF Mix) – El Remolon
34.  Black Monday (Maga Bo Remix) – Teleseen

Total Time – 59:41

Listen on Soundcloud or download here.

Russo Passapusso – Magnata video clip

Russo Passapusso, one third of Bemba Trio, vocals for BaianaSystem, straight out of Salvador, Bahia, comes correct with this track and video (filmed in Shanghai, China during one of BaianaSystem’s recent tours there).

I had the honor of having Russo’s participation on one track for my new album, Quilombo do Futuro.  coming in april.

El Critica (Maga Bo Remix) – Petrona Martinez

El Critica (Maga Bo Remix)- Petrona Martinez by MAGA BO

Chopped and cut at Casa de Jones, Brooklyn, NYC.  Extra special thanks to Geko Jones for helping make this happen.

If the downloads are gone at the above link, you can find more here:

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Maga Bo – Raízes Mix

This mix is a compilation of music that has profoundly inspired my new release “Quilombo do Futuro.”  This music contains a wisdom and connection with the universe that I don’t find in electronic music (or at least very rarely).  Not one of the songs was created using a computer.  These beats will challenge your Ableton auto warp engine with their (beautiful) irregularity.  The velocity sensitivity on these drums will absolutely defy your groove quantize extractor.  These drums are triggered by human hands in real time.  It’s analog and human.  It’s coco, samba, samba recôncavo, sambareggae, capoeira angola, jongo and maculelê.

Maga Bo – Raízes Mix

1.  Canto II – Clementina De Jesus/Tia Doca/Geraldo Filme
2.  Coco De Manoel – Mestre Salustiano
3.  Coco Do Pneu – Cila Do Coco E Seus Pupilos
4.  Godê Pavão – Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde
5.  Repente Alagoano – Beija Flor e Treme Terra
6.  Field Recording (source unknown) of Samba de Roda do Recôncavo Bahiano (artists unknown)
7.  Percussão – Boi Paz do Brasil da Sociedade Junina Turma de São João Batista
8.  Maculelê – Capoeira Mestre Suassuna
9.  Levanta A Saia Lá Vem a Maré – Mestre Morães
10.  Samba Reggae – Samara Capoeira
11.  Eu Não Sou o Primeiro – Olodum
12.  O Mais Belo dos Belos – Ilê Ayê
13.  Princesa Isabel – Luma & Só do Samba
14.  Field Recording (source unknown) – Jongo do Quilombo São José, Rio de Janeiro

Download it here

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