New Video – Maga Bo – “Nqayi feat. Teba”

After many visits to South Africa, connecting with the African Dope Records crew – Fletcher, Teba, Sibot, and Max Normal in particular, DJing all over SA from Cape Town to Joburg, producing and recording music, here is the third video clip to accompany my record, “Archipelagoes,” released recently on Soot Records. “Nqayi feat. Teba.” was also chosen to represent the sound of Cape Town on the latest African Dope Records compilation, “Cape of Good Dope 2.”

The video was shot over 2 days in Guguletu, one of Cape Town’s most notorious townships and Teba’s home turf – with all borrowed equipment – borrowed camera, boom box, the car on loan, people leting us into their houses to film. Back in the day, Teba was a member of the super successful kwaito group Skeem, which put out several albums before he left to do more socially conscious work. He now leads workshops in lyric writing and gumboot dancing (!), is part of the African Dope Sound System, has his own live band and has collaborated with the likes of Stereotyp, Godessa and SiBot.

A slow hybrid funk/macumba/ragga beat sung in Xhosa and English, the lyrics talk about the difficulties faced by youth in townships today and how society tries to force them to drink and take drugs. Nqayi means baldhead and refers to fake rastas posturing themselves, but then bending over to the pressures of society and shaving their locks. An interesting element of the lyrics to this track are in the chorus where he uses the Xhosa ‘q’ sound, a click made with the tongue and the roof of the mouth, as a percussive element. Check the end of the video for a quick lesson…..

You can check the other videos from Archipelagoes “Fire feat. Xuman” and “Saye Mbott feat. ALIF with Ndiaya” here on Vimeo and here on Youtube.

Timeblind – Mahout Mix May 2009

Timeblind has been doing his thing for many years now – making dubstep tracks before dubstep was even a name.  While his name may not be the most hyped or the biggest font on the flyers, his work is LARGE.  His beats are some serious bidness – rich texures, heavy grooves and a razor-sharp sensibility for pacing, silence and space.  He’s got releases on Shockout, Soot, the Agriculture and Orthlorng Musork, among others.  He’s got a new 12″ – Version – and dates coming up at the Clandestino Festival as well as at Raum 18 and the Ngoma party in Berlin.  check his site for more info.  Download his new mix.