Jouvert, Port of Spain, Trinidad 2009

Distributing buckets and cups and bottles – any container you can find – of paint from a smaller truck following the rhythm section truck….

The rhythm section was about 30 guys from Laventille.  They played for 5 hours straight.  Pretty much always around 140 BPM and ocassionally dropping down to 110 or so, just to bring it all slamming back in and inciting more heavy wining and paint flinging.  The instrumentation was 100% acoustic – one of the few trucks not loaded with huge speakers blasting songs like this (2009 Soca Monarch Fay Ann Lyons’ “Meet Super Blue“)…..

The theme of the band was Paradise for Sale – referring to the construction of a new arts center in Port of Spain being contracted out to a Chinese company.

Maga Bo and BNegão Europe Tour 2009

Jan 23 Funk Mundial, Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany with Filastine, Ghislain Poirier, Sweat X, Radioclit and Halbzeug

Jan 24 Rebel Up! Soundclash, at OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan 26 Transgressing Borders Through Music Discussion, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany with Bjorn Gottstein

Jan 28 WORM @ IFFR, Rotterdam, Netherlands with Blectum from Blechdom

Jan 29 Cafe des Sport, Paris, France with DJ /Rupture and Ciafrica

Jan 30 Cafe des Sport, Paris, France with Dj Ness and No Soy

Jan 31 TBA, France

Feb 5 Os Movimentos, Salmon and Compass, London, UK

Feb 6 Fabric, London, UK with The Bug, Sinden, Toddla T, XRabit & DMG$ and Smutlee

Feb 7 Industria, Porto, Portugal

Feb 10 Brazelona Sessions, Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain