Marechal, Iky, Funkero e Aori nas escadas, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Just checked the documentary, “L.A.P.A.” this weekend at Cine Odeon.  Created by directors Cavi Borges and Emílio Domingos (I knew him as DJ Saens Pena from the Festa Phunk party.  When I said, “opa!  Parabens!  Muito bom, gostei muito!  Não sabia que vc era diretor….”  He replied, “pois é, tambem não sabia!”) over the past 8 years or so, it documents the ebb and flow of carioca hip hop.

Lapa is a neighborhood right smack in the center of Rio with a long history of bohemia, easily accessible by bus, kombi, metrô, car, foot, or bicycle which has been hosting an ever growing scene of MC battles that atract rappers from every different corner and style of carioca hip hop.  Most of the usual suspects…Aori, BNegão, Black Alien, Marechal, Marcelo D2, Chapadão, Funkero, Iky.

The film gives voice to some fantastic candid thoughts on the music business, being true to your art, life, work.  There are some beautiful moments in the freestyles caught on camera.  This is what was happening in the Rio hip hop world all this time while baile funk was getting all hyped out these last few years.  Like all the clever turns of phrase and witty observations that got left out of funk showed up here and had a family.  Sorry, but I don’t know if there will be an english version….

It was great fun checking the video from back in the day when I first arrived in Rio and seeing how everything and everyone evolved and grew over time.  Como o Aori fala no filme, “Amo essa vida pra caramba.”

yo, jean-phillipe, is that you at the battle at rocinha?  smiling….

Sonar Calibrado

We have a new record out on Shockout!

For the MP3 release on Itunes.

12′ vinyl is pressed and making its way to shops….

“Super good gear for the pan global bass travellers…… Mighty Twelve.”  says Boomkat.

We recorded over the course of multiple trips back and forth between Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Barcelona, Seattle, New York, Meknes, Tangier and Amsterdam.  Granted, we could have just sent emails and ftp’ed files to all of these places, talked on skype and cell phones, mailed DVDs, but somehow, it was more satisfying (and I’d like to think more fruitful) to physically carry media carrying our precious 0s and 1s around to all these places.  A very analog journey to create a very digital collage of sound and music.  We’re very happy to have this out after such a circuitous production process.  Here’s a little video from our studio setup in Tangier, Morocco:

An Interview with DJ /Rupture

“Last of the famous international sound boys,” Jace Clayton, aka DJ /Rupture, when not singing his own praises (which is quite the exception as opposed to the rule, dontchya know), is a super humble, soft spoken, pleasant and likable chap who does a weekly radio show on WFMU in NYC, heads up Soot Records and co-heads up Dutty Artz, mixes obscure and disparate sonic sources on a three-turntable get up, writes for several different publications including The Fader, Frieze and The National as well as maintaining his very popular blog, Mudd Up!.  A very busy man indeed.

I accompanied him on his trek from Sunset Park, Brooklyn to WFMU just on the other side of the Hudson in NJ.  He had plenty to say about his new album, “Uproot,” on Agriculture Records, life in NYC (where he’s just relocated from Barcelona), shopping for cumbia records, being late…..

Mixtape Dancehall Brasil 2008

Jimmy Luv

Jimmy Luv aka Galo Rex

Just in from mi bredren producer/mc Jimmy Luv in Babilônia, São Paulo.  A galera toda!  Ragga dancehall is bubbling in Sampa.  pode crer.


01 – Fred Gomes – Ela Sabe
02 – Pow MX – Ganja Man
03 – Mateus Pinguim – Querem Me Prender
04 – Lápide – A Mina De Fé
05 – Lei Di Dai – Chega De Lero-Lero
06 – Jimmy Luv – Vem Menina
07 – Buyaka San & Ms Ivy – Original Styla
08 – Sandro Black – Sem Compromisso
09 – Ragga Rural – Boom Ragga Rural
10 – Renegado – Santo Errado
11 – Black Alien – Perícia Na Delícia
12 – MC Papo – Pare de Me Ligar
13 – Quelynah – Talarica (O Complô Mix)
14 – Sacal – Eu & Eu
15 – Livia Cruz – Qual Vai Ser
16 – Sambatuh – Pense Legal
17 – Mocambo & RaggaDeMente – Quem Curte O Ragga
18 – Durban Sound System – Pode Chegar
19 – Funk Buia – Chego, Busco, Luto
20 – Maskot, Arcanjo Ras, K-Naman, Toaster Eddie – Taca Fogo
21 – Alexandre Cruz – Fé No Coração
22 – Arcanjo Ras – Dread
23 – Buyaka San – Pra Quem Não Conhece
24 – Ms Ivy – Punanny Style
25 – Lei Di Dai – Lei Di Dai
26 – Buyaka San – Rainha Da Pista
27 – Sandro Black – Sem Tempero
28 – Buyaka San – Pow!
29 – Jimmy Luv – Fogo Com O Rudeboy
30 – Pump Killa – Nossa Força
31 – RaggaDeMente – Legalize
32 – Buyaka San – Menina Sensual
33 – Alexandre Cruz – Mama
34 – Arcanjo Ras, Pump Killa, Sacal – Don Dada

seleção: Galo Rex (aka Jimmy Luv)
novembro 2008
duração – 59’02″

:: apoie os artistas da cena do dancehall brasileiro ::
Ragga é cultura!

:: AGENDA ::

=> 02 (dom) – festa “Ragga!” @ Executivo Club – SP
=> 08 (sáb) – festa “Os Embassados” @ Sítio do Arai – Guarulhos
=> 14 (6af) – festa “Ragga Jump” @ Rose BomBom – SP
=> 16 (dom) – festa “Ragga!” @ Executivo Club – SP
=> 30 (dom) – festa “Ragga!” @ Executivo Club – SP

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