The Netherlands

When flying from Rio de Janeiro to Lisboa, you fly really close to Africa and even directly pass over Cabo Verde. Seemed like I could even see some lights out on the coast of what I figured would have been the Western Sahara. Anyway, it was nice to imagine that I could.
My first gig was at WORM in Rotterdam with CX Kidtronik scene below with Soop (sp?) (arms crossed) and their fellow, recently arrived in the Netherlands (as of a couple hours), MC whose name I don’t know, looking on. I especially liked their track the was composed solely using words banned on american network television. Sounded like NYC transplanted to Rotterdam for a hot minute.
That was the Krack Attack, while last night was the Kraak & Smaak night in Tilburg. Tomorrow off to Berlin and for now, I’m in Amsterdam, here:
I’m playing with Filastine and Mad professor at the Clandestino Festival in Goteborg, Sweden on June 7: